How to Start a Website or Blog

Using Free Google tools

Setting up a Google Analytics account and Google Webmaster account on your Website or blog

Tools used:

Just follow along with their setup instructions and you will be fine.

Make sure if you changed or didnt change the url settings that you saw in the General Settings video, that the settings in the Google Webmaster tools are the SAME!

Having these Tools installed on your website is a big plus.  For Instance you might find that the keyword you thought was driving traffic to your site really wasnt but there was a big list of keywords that you never thought of that is really bringing in business.  This can be very useful information if your running any type of paid advertising campaigns.  Even if you are not going to be running campaigns right away, months from now you can look at this data, and it will let you build a killer campaign.

Example: Lets say your a plumber in Dallas.  Your site has been driving all kinds of traffic from the key phrase Dallas sewer Replacement.  But you think since your Ranked number 1. for Dallas Sewer Installation Service that must be why your doing so well.  Youve never thought of searching the other phrases, you didnt even know you were ranked for it!  So if the work is coming in anyway why does it matter?  Well some plumbing contractor is going to hire a marketing consultant that will pick up on this in 30 min, and in a week your Dallas sewer Replacement traffic is gone.  You wonder why the calls have slowed down, but your still ranked number 1 right?  You need to know, what your ranked for and how much traffic you get from it.  Server logs dont count.  Think if this plumber would have been on top of his game. He could have secured his ranking, then bid on the phrase Sewer Replacement in his Geo marketed Dallas campaign and made even more money,not to mention all the other keywords he would have discovered that brought in extra hundereds or thousands to his business monthly!

Adding Pages and Post to Your Website

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