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Start a Website

There are different software programs like Dreamweaver, and also a lot of companies that offer free WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) solutions online.  Dreamweaver is a great program, but requires you to know a lot of code to truly make a great website.  To avoid learning coding, we look at WYSIWYG editors.  These type of editors are easy to drag and drop pictures and create content, I have used a few.  The problem with this type of solution is often times these sites have problems in different browsers, text and pictures can end up on top of one another on your vistors screen but be fine on yours.  Blogs and Website are dynamic, meaning they change according to the operating systems, browser being used, screen size, ect.  I first learned this years ago when I went to show my aunt my perfect website on her Mac. It was a mess on her computer! The Solution, WordPress.  If you thought WordPress was just a blogging software, I will prove you wrong.  You can create as many Static pages as you want.

What’s the advantages to using WordPress for a Website?

  • You don’t need to learn code cause it‘s a visual editor, but can edit code to if you want.
  • You can put a blog on your website at any time with just a click.
  • Since Worpress is a cms, you can create as large of a site as you want. You have growing room.
  • There are thousands of pluggins and widgets for WordPress.  You don’t need to learn code to have a mortgage calculator on your site. You want to have your face book fans or friends on your site? It’s just a pluggin away. Pluggins and Widgets for anything you can think of, installed with a click!
  • You decide you want to change how it looks, thousands of free themes to choose from installed with just a click.  All your text, headlines, everything changes at once.  Want more options than 1,500 free themes? There are thousands of 3rd party themes for free and thousands more that cost very little.  And unlike free website templates, your in complete control of it.  Want to change something, just a click.  WordPress Themes have flexibility unlike other website “templates”.

Now you know Why WordPress is a obvious choice.  Heres how you get started. You only need 2 things.

1. Domain: An example of a domain or url would be I’m sure you’ve seen other extensions like, .info, .net, .org,,, and so on.  What one should you get? I would try to stick to the .com, although a .net is also fine.  If you are starting non-profit type website, I suggest a .org.  If your in another country that has it’s own extension that’s fine to as long as the business or people you want to reach is within that country.  Keep your domain name short and something friends and family could easily remember.  If possible, avoid using dashes in your domain like,

2. Hosting: Hosting is basically where your site lives.  The hosting company has servers where all your website content is stored for the world to see.  Is doesn’t matter where in the world you live, or the server is.  The important thing is to use a good Hosting company that supports everything your doing with your site. What hosting company should you use? I recommend HostGator.  It is who I currently use, and I’ve never experienced any problems.  Feel free to look around, but I think you’ll find offers for Hosting to be confusing to say the least.  The cost of hosting will only be US$4-5.00 a month. Also at HostGator I have arranged a 25% discount for following along with this “How to Create a Website” tutorial.

Lets Take Action and Get this Website ONLINE!

Use HostGator Coupon Code: DHUNTERHELPS to save 25% on your hosting!

Option 1. If you plan on buying a .com, .org, or .net you can get your >HostGator Hosting and Domain Now<.
Option 2. If you already own a domain you want to use, you can get your HostGator Hosting Now.
Option 3
. If you dont have a domain and may want a country specific domain like,,,, .mx, or others. Go to GoDaddy and come back when you are finished and then Get you Hosting.

Note: You will need to get your domain before getting hosting or during.  Look at the above options.  Then come right back and well get your website up together.

Are you Done? Great, now go to

Creating a Website


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      Chris M.

      Thanks for all the help. I spent some time on your site, and had my roofing site up last night after work. Real easy. Thanks for the help.

      Chris M.

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