How to Start a Website or Blog

Start a Blog

How to create a Blog

Creating a blog is probably easier than you might think.  I’ll show you the easiest way to get a fully functional blog setup in just a few short steps.  The platform I’ll be using for our blog is WordPress.  I’m sure you’ve heard of it or at least been on hundreds of WordPress powered sites and never knew it.  Why WordPress? It’s easy for anyone to use, can handle all the content you could ever create, and since it’s the most widely used blogging platform, there’s all kinds of pluggins and themes supported by it.  Just hands down the best blogging platform on the internet for the professional or individual alike.

There are Two ways to Setup a WordPress blog.  A Free Blog vs. Self  Hosted Blog

A free WordPress Powered site has an address like this:
A self hosted site has an address like this:

What are the advantages to a Self Hosted Blog over a Free one?

  • Self hosted blogs have full access to all the great pluggins and widgets that help make wordpress sites truly unique from one another.
  • You don’t end up with advertisements on your site that are out of your control.
  • You own it.  If someone links to you, it’s to you not wordpress.
  • Your site grows and gets thousands of links from fans, you move all your content to self hosted but loose all your links and most your traffic.
  • Only by self hosting your own blog can you have full freedom in how it looks and feels.

It’s take only 2 things to get your own self hosted blog (www.your

1. A Domain.  A domain also called a url is what the search engines index and what people remember to go to your blog.  It is also your blogs brand, and represents what you are all about.  Keep your domain short and something everyone would remember. Try and get a .com extension when possible although a .net and .org work to.  If your in a country that has it’s own domain extension such as,,,, .mx, and so on.  Feel free to use one of those as long as you feel the majority of your readers will be within that country.  Avoid using dashes in your domain when possible, but most importantly be simple and creative.

2. Hosting: Hosting will basically provide a place for your blog to live.  Hosting companies protect the content of your blog and allow the rest of the world to access your blog online.  It doesn’t matter where you live or where your hosting company is.  The important part of picking a hosting company is to find one that provides all the functions you need, and is dependable.  I use HostGator for all my websites and blogs and have never had a issue.  Feel free to look into other hosts if you wish, but since they are who I like, they will be who I use in all the examples throughout this guide.  Hosting will only run you about US$4-5.00 a month. I have arranged a 25% discount on that as well.

Now What? Lets take action and Get this Site Online!

HostGator Coupon Code: DHUNTERHELPS to Save 25% Copy this coupon before you go to get hosting! The Hatchling Plan should work just fine for you.

  • Option 2. If you already own a domain you want to use, you can get your HostGator Hosting Now. (Youll need to type your domain in at the beginning of registration).
  • Option 3. If you dont have a domain and may want a country specific Domain like,,,, .mx, or others. Got to Godaddy and register a domain. Then come back, get your hosting, and well be up in no time.
Note: You need to get your domain before getting your hosting or during. Look at the options above and choose the one best for you.


Got a Domain and Hosting? Great, we can have this up in no time now.

Creating a Blog


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