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Setting Up Your Email

How to Set your Email to your New Website or Blog

Setting up your email is quite easy to do with HostGator.  The first thing youll need to do is go to and login with your Host gator username and password.

Scroll down to Here.

Once Youve click on email Accounts create your new email address however you want it to be.  Make sure to set the limit to unlimited. Then Click Create Email.

Go back to Home in the upper left and choose Forwarders.

On the Next screen click on Add Forwarders.

Enter the email your created in the first step (  Then Enter where you want that email to go.  This way you can get all of your emails in the same place.  If you dont want all of your emails to be mixed together, create a new email account at your favorite email provider.  You can check email in the webmail area of your control panel, and even tie it into outlook, but I would rather use the services I currently use.  With this setup, when someone emails me at it will go to You might need to configure your email providers setting to make sure when you reply, the reply comes from your new email address and not your personal address or business account you setup for your site.

One last thing before we go! Remember when I had you delete that pinging service so you wouldnt get banned by the search engines.  Its time we set that straight.  Download the pluggin we talked about.  BlogPressMaz Ping Optimizer.  You can find it in the search for pluggins section by searching for cbnet Ping Optimizer.  It will have a warning saying not tested for your version of WordPress, but it will work fine.  Im using it now.:) Once you have activated it, go to settings and paste this list into the text window. There is a window add the bottom to copy the list.


Well by now you Should have a your site up and looking good.

Is there anything else I could help you with? Is there anything you felt Like I missed or you would like more information on?  I plan on adding more information all the time and would like your input on what that content will be.  You can go to the More Information Section to learn even more!  Email me if you have any questions:

I hope your Site turns out just how you dreamed it would.  I know even though you are at the end of my tutorial, there is still more you want to do with your site.  To get it just how you want it will take some time.  You need to play around with it and see different options you may like.  Even us web designers dont get it right the first time.  We get all the information we can from our clients and send them to the first draft, after that there are typically many revisions.  Its normal and completely expected.

Have Fun and Good Luck,


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    What kind of information are you looking for Joe? Ill see what I can do to help

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      Phil H

      Hey Man, Thanks for the help LOL. My website site is up and running. I'll put the Jawhawk jokes aside for now, but really...Thanks for your help. I wouldn't have been able to get this up without all the information you provided me with. Have a good one.

      Phil H

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