How to Start a Website or Blog

Setting up Hosting

Setting up your WordPress Site: When you got your hosting from HostGator the sent you an email that looked like this:

Example of the Email you Recieved from HostGator
Thank you for your order with HostGator.
We are Happy to inform you ………….blah..blah
Your Control Panel:
Your Domain:
Your User Name: Youruser
Your Password: xxxxxxxxxx
Your Name Servers

Print this information off and keep it in a safe place.  I would also keep this info Somewhere on your desktop, but don’t loose it.

Go to your HostGator Control Panel: https//gatorxxxx.hostgator.xxxx
Login with the user name and password they provided you (It my be easier to copy and paste password. Also if you bought your domain from HostGator you can get to your Control Panel by going to www,  For those that bought or had a domain, we will need to change a couple things before you can get to your control panel this way).

You Should Now be in Your HostGator Control Panel.

1. If you bought your domain through HostGator you can skip to HostGator Control Panel.
2. If you bought your domain through GoDaddy or any other Domain Register continue on.  For My explanation on how to point your domain to it’s host I’ll be using GoDaddy as the example.  If your domain is from elsewhere, it will be very similar. Changing DNS Servers is a pretty Straight Forward Process.
"How to Setup a Website"

  • Pointing your Domain to Your Host:

Open a second window leaving the HostGator Window Open.  Login to your GoDaddy account with your login details.  When you use the login on the top of the home page, once you have entered in your username and password, you will need to go to “My Accounts” on the Right side of the Navigation Bar.  The menu drops down, click on my products.

Once In your Product Account: Click on “Manage Domains.”
You will see your domain, or domains if you bought more than one. Click on the domain you are setting up. I.e.

Scroll to the Bottom of the Page until you See “Name Servers” toward the bottom left.  To the right of that you will see a little link that says “Set Name Servers”.  Click on that and a window will appear.

Website setup

Select the, I have specific name servers for my domain.
Then copy and paste you name servers that hostgator gave you in the correct location.
Copy the NS1: name server into the Name Server 1, then copy the NS2: Into the Name Server 2
Don’t worry about name server 3, or 4. Select Ok
You may now log out of Godaddy

Congratulations!  You got your Domain pointed to your Host!

Once you make changes to your domain with the registrar you purchased your domain from, the changes will take anywhere from 5 minutes to 72 hours for propagation to occur.  Basically, they have to find each other.  I have never had to wait 72hrs, but I have had to wait over night.  On the other hand as I write this, yesterday I did this same things for a client and it only took a few minutes.

Whatever the case, keep this page open, cause you’re only about 5mins from having a site up!

HostGator Control Panel

From the HostGator Control Panel, scroll down until you see:

Click Here



5 selection Down from the Top is WordPress.
Next, Click on New Installation:
Select the Domain you are using in the drop down menu.
Leave the Install in Directory Blank
Enter your username
Enter your password
Nickname: I.e.Charley
Email: Your email address
Your site Name. My Website Name

Click Install WordPress

Guess What, Your sites up!

Go to (you might need to Hit Refresh once your on your domain).
This is the twenty10 Theme, a default theme for WordPress.  I will show you how to customize it, or quickly change it into one of the other 1,800+ theme designs. There are more than 1,800, a lot more, but I will get into that a little later.

"How to Setup A website"

Congratulations on getting your site up! Next I will Show you how to Change themes, add photos, add tools, add videos, ect.  Might hope is that I cover everything to the point that you end getting a site that is even nicer than you thought you would have and all the functions that you need.  I found in most tutorial type information the Teacher leaves out some key information so that you have a site up with all kinds of great photos and tools, but your left wondering how to create simple things like a link.  I will do my best to include everything, and try to break it apart to those of you that know how to create a link, but dont know how to change your permalink settings.

Here we go.  Lets make it Yours!  "Customizing a Website"

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      Phil H

      Hey Man, Thanks for the help LOL. My website site is up and running. I'll put the Jawhawk jokes aside for now, but really...Thanks for your help. I wouldn't have been able to get this up without all the information you provided me with. Have a good one.

      Phil H

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