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Changing a Few General Setting in WordPress

Do you want other people to find your website or blog? Is your site going to get indexed twice for the same pages? Are you a ping spammer and didnt even know it?  This video will address those topics.  Be sure to read the information below the video after it has finished for additional information.

In This video I talked about a couple of the General setting in WordPress than sometimes get overlooked.  If you are wanting to attract people to your site for a business you need to make sure you have your site set to public.

When I talked about Changing your urls in the Setting=>General section, its important to take Note: If you are going to change those settings from the non www. to the www., do it now and leave it.  Also make sure you change it in the Google Webmaster tools.  If you do change it you may also want to do a 301 Redirect in your .htaccess file you created.  If you ever think you might use the multi-site option dont change anything.  Read more Here.

*If you do change it, when you go to login to your WordPress site you might experience a login redirect loop.  Instead of using  use and youll have no problem.

Why do you wont to make sure you setup up once, Right, and never mess with it again?  You could cause what is know as a canonical url issue if you mess with this much.  Example: and are viewed as different websites to search engines along with other variations (,, and so on).  We have taken all precautions at this point.  Heres what we done:

  • We set it in General Setting
  • We set it in Google Webmaster tools
  • Are Platinum Seo Pack Canonical Url Box is Checked
  • (We havent done a 301 Redirect in the .htaccess, but should be fine without it)

A little More On Pinging.

To explain a little more on what a pinging service is.

A ping informs different search engines that new content has been created on your site.  Using a  pinging service can get your new content and bring in a lot of traffic if you use it correctly.  The problem with WordPress is that it pings these search engines and directories every time you make an edit to a post. In the beginning you will probably be making a lot of edits, and be labeled as a ping spanner and banned.  The great news is that the solution is easy.

Another Pluggin!  MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer.

What it does:

  • Whenever you add a new post, it will notify all the pinging services you have set (more than the default of one)
  • Whenever you edit a post, it wont ping again on the same post.
  • If you use the time stamp feature, it will ping when the post is set.

There is no need to install this pluggin right now, while you are added content to your site and edited it at lot.  I will remind you at the end to install it and give you a list of over 200+ places to have your site ping so you can get the traffic and indexing all over the web!


Using Free Tools From Google on Your Site


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