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Make your ugly links Pretty

By default the way the links are constructed in WordPress are less than desired.  An example of default is  Its hard to tell people how to get to that particular page on your site, and its not good when you are trying to get your site to rank for certain keywords.  In this video I will show you how easy changing the permalinks can be.

I used  %/postname%/ to change my Permalinks in that video.  There are also other custom structures you can use, or even the ones above custom structure. You can find even more information on that subject here.

I have installed WordPress many times in HostGator and other hosting services.  Im not sure as to why,(why sometimes and not others with the same host) but sometimes you will be presented with this from WordPress after the change.

What happens if you get this? Well, you need to create a .htaccess file and upload it to the root of your site.  Now this might sound hard, but its not.  Remember when we were changing themes we used that FTP program Fillzilla? Thats kind of what we need to do.

Follow these quick steps and youll be up and running in no time.

1. Copy the code that WordPress has given you.

2. open up notepad, or another text editor and paste the code in the screen.

3.Save the file as Doggy to your desktop and make sure you save as All File(Ill explain)

4. Open up filzilla.  We installed WordPress to the root of our site, so we will drag doggy over the and drop (If for some reason you installed WordPress somewhere else, most likly a site you already had, it will need to go in the folder you installed WordPress.  That bit of info is for someone who found this page and hasnt been following along, so you can ignore that).

5. Right below where your dropped Remote Site Window, will be the Filename window.

6. Locate doggy Right click on doggy and select Rename.

7. Rename the file   .htaccess  It needs to be just like that, with the (dot)htaccess


Why did you call it doggy? Catty isnt as well known of course.  No really, its because even though you changed the notepad setting to all files, often times it seams to add the .txt when you transfer it. Then it doesnt work.  I lot of people tell you to name the file htaccess when you save it in notepad, but then when you transfer it you have no dot and or .txt and it doesnt work.  Then your left wondering why your getting a 404 Error on your webpage, a couple hours later you find you forget to delete the .txt or add a dot.  Making it something stupid insures you to do it right.  Its hard to miss that way.


Adding Pluggins to your site.  Tools for users and you!


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      Chris M.

      Thanks for all the help. I spent some time on your site, and had my roofing site up last night after work. Real easy. Thanks for the help.

      Chris M.

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