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When Do You Need T1 Internet

As a business owner, you may rely on your Information Technology team leader to let you know about your company’s computer and internet needs. If your company doesn’t have a dedicated IT department, you will need to determine for yourself if and when you need a T1 internet connection. Making sure your employees have consistent and fast access to the internet is key to your productivity and continued success.

Knowledge is power, so if your competitors have a blazing-fast internet connection while you are still struggling on a dial-up or DSL line, you will be at a distinct disadvantage. Each time an employee needs to do research online, access your company’s social network accounts, or check email, each minute lost to a low-speed connection is like money walking out the door. Your internet connection can determine how easily employees can share large files, as well as make Voice Over IP telephone calls or participate in high-resolution video conferences with coworkers and customers.

If your company requires the use of numerous phone lines, or if you have four or more employees who want to make phone calls and use the internet simultaneously, you can make a case for a T1 internet connection. VOIP calls will save you money when used instead of conventional phone calls, but you need a fast connection to ensure each call will go through without a hitch. Video conferencing alone may be the reason to get T1 service. Video conferences can be a great way to gain the trust of customers who are too far away to visit, and to create a sense of employee community despite having distant branches. You can save money on air travel and hotel accommodations by letting your employees stay at the home office and meet people via high-bandwidth video conferences.

Reliability is another important factor for you to consider when evaluating your internet service needs. A T1 line helps ensure that your company stays online and can share files between employees as well as to serve files to customers and potential clients who want to know more about your business. Imagine a customer trying to browse your website, but giving up in frustration because an informative video fails to load because of your substandard internet connection. Likewise, think of your salespeople out in the field who desperately need to access files from the company server as quickly as possible to show clients during a presentation.

Although your company may have been able to get by with a slow internet connection when you first started out, as your business grows, so does your need for faster internet service.

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Setting Up Your Email

How to Set your Email to your New Website or Blog

Setting up your email is quite easy to do with HostGator.  The first thing youll need to do is go to and login with your Host gator username and password.

Scroll down to Here.

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Creating Links in WordPress

How to Create links, Add photos, And add video to Your Website or blog.

Dont forget to see the other important information below the videos..

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Adding Pages and Post to Your WordPress Site

In this video I talk a little bit about creating pages and post and how there displayed to the viewer.  Creating  pages and post are done pretty much the same way and theres really no mystery there.  Click Add Page or Add Post and there you go.  Thats why I didnt

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Using Free Google tools

Setting up a Google Analytics account and Google Webmaster account on your Website or blog

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Changing a Few General Setting in WordPress

Do you want other people to find your website or blog? Is your site going to get indexed twice for the same pages? Are you a ping spammer and didnt even know it?  This video will address those topics.  Be sure to read the information below the video after it has finished for additional information.

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Changing your Permalink Settings

Make your ugly links Pretty

By default the way the links are constructed in WordPress are less than desired.  An example of default is  Its hard to tell people how to get to that particular page on your site, and its not good when you are trying to get your site to rank for certain keywords.  In this video I will show you how easy changing the permalinks can be.

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Adding Pluggins To WordPress

How to add Pluggins to your new site.

WordPress allows many 3 party developers to create widgets and pluggins to use on their platform.  Pluggins can be added easily to any WordPress blog by downloading a small script in the ADD NEW are of the Pluggins section.  Pluggins allow the site owner to easily improve the SEO of the site, Ad placement, share posts, create forms and much, much, more.  Pluggins allow the site owner to make their website or blog more powerful and user friendly.  Some pluggins only the site owner sees on the backend, while other pluggins support the front end

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Changing Your WordPress Theme

Here are some links to themes and other tools mentioned in the video.

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