How to Start a Website or Blog

Adding Pages and Post to Your WordPress Site

In this video I talk a little bit about creating pages and post and how there displayed to the viewer.  Creating  pages and post are done pretty much the same way and theres really no mystery there.  Click Add Page or Add Post and there you go.  Thats why I didnt spend much time on that.  A little more confusing section that people dont understand is in the reading section.  I want to explain that one more time in clear text.

From the Dashboard: Setting => Reading

  • Your Latest Post.

If you leave it to Your latest post when people go to they will land on the blog section of your site and see what ever post you last wrote (Some themes do have a Featured post section that can always be at the top if you choose). You can still have pages on your site.

If you Choose Static you have to options.

  • Front Page

Front Page will be the page people land on when they go to It can be a static homepage (or any one of your pages you choose), it never changes until you edit it. You can still have a blog on your site.  Before you go into these setting you simple just need to go create a page for your blog.  To do this Go to Add New Page and create it naming it whatever you would like.  Blog, News, Articles, ect.  Dont put any content on this page, leave it blank. If you dont want a blog, dont bother creating the page.

  • Post Page

The Post Page is the blank page you created cause you wanted a Static homepage, but still wanted a blog on your site.  Click on the Post Page tab and find the blank page you created and select it.  This is now the page that your post will go on (Your blog).


Adding Links, Photos, and Videos



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      Your a life saver! I have been try to build a blog on my own for a couple weeks now. Your help was straight forward and to the point. I really to appreciate you getting back to me after all those questions. Thanks again.

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