How to Start a Website or Blog


How to Start a Website or Blog

You want to start a website or blog but don’t know where to start? “Your in luck friend, that’s what this site is all about and I don‘t charge anything for the help.”

Is this site for you?  If you want to know how to start a blog on your own Domain name like,  Then the answer is yes. Starting a blog has never been easier than it is now. And blogs aren't just little things people start as a hobby. Blogging is big business today. There are thousands of blogs out there generating six figure sums every single month for their owners. The internet allows us to start profitable businesses with almost no start-up capital required. The internet has brought information to the masses. Information such as passive income ideas that you can leverage to build wildly profitable online businesses. Financial freedom is within reach of everyone who has a computer and an internet connection.

If you want to know start a blog for free, this will still be very helpful.  Before you decide to go that route maybe you should learn what the difference is before you invest a lot of time into your project. To make it simple: What to expect out of a free website or blog:

  • Hosting is provided by them. You don’t have your own domain.
  • They control advertising on your site, not you. They make their money back this way.
  • Limited number of pages, photo, and video uploads
  • They control your content and future of your site.
  • Often times it’s advertised as Free, then you find out it was a free trial and pay monthly.

(These are some of the basic reasons to have your own domain and hosting.  Not every provider falls into all categories, but they all fall into at least one of them.)

I will cover every step so you can learn how to start a website or blog in a very easy to understand kind of way using screen-cast for step by step instructions.  For those that are a little more tech savvy, I have a quick start guide as well, it’s fast and easy and should have you up and going in the next 20mins or less.

Ready to learn how to start a website or blog? Let’s get going!

how to create a website

You don’t know the difference between a website and a blog?  That’s fine.  Let me provide a simply explanation.

A blog is a kind of website using a content management system.  As you create new “Posts” on your blog your last post is on the top of you main page (Homepage) and all post before that are beneath it.  You pick how many posts you want on your home screen whether it be 5 or 20.  The older post go into archive or the category you want it to go in.  You can have as many categories as you want.  Let’s say you have a category called “Sewing Machines”, all post related to sewing machines goes in that category. (There are many features to a blog that I will get into later. Other features; allows user to comment, tag, share on social bookmarking sites, ect.)

A website doesn’t change like a blog does, the pages are Static and stay the same unless you choose to update them.  For Instance a business might have a website that has the follow Pages;
Home | Services | Products | About US | Contact Us |
All of those pages never change unless you decide to edit them.  It’s important to note that a blog can be in a website. You can still have all the pages like above but also all the functions of a blog on it‘s own Blog Page.  I will show you how to does this as well if it’s a option you like.

What is best for you? Well, it’s up to you.  The way I will help you setup your website or blog will basically give you both options.  If you change your mind and want a blog down the road, with a few clicks you’ll have one.

how to create a website




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      Your a life saver! I have been try to build a blog on my own for a couple weeks now. Your help was straight forward and to the point. I really to appreciate you getting back to me after all those questions. Thanks again.

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